WiseDimensions® is a technology for 3D visualization, owned by Sampo Software, drawing on massive experience and know-how in the area of 2D-to-3D transformation. It has low foot print and uses very little in system resources.

The uniqueness of this technology is that you can draw in 2D – by dragging and dropping the objects on a canvas – and automatically the 3D model is generated in real time. You don’t have to learn to draw in 3D, which is way more complex than drawing in 2D. This enables the most easy-to-use 3D drawing on the market making three-dimensional modeling as easy as child's play. In spite of its usability, itis very powerful tool and can be scaled to many visualization applications and solutions.

The leading product of WiseDimensions® Sampo Software’s 3D Visioner, which integrates into Microsoft Visio, enhancing it, to allow easy presentation of 2D diagrams in 3D. We also implement solutions based on WiseDimension® in the areas of industrial quality control, visualization and network infrastructure design.

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