How to make a 3D model dream house using 3D Visioner

In the following section of this article we will cover with screenshots the ease and functionality of 3D Visioner.

STEP1 In order to use 3D Visioner, please remember that you will need MS Visio 2010. If you don’t have it already you can download a trail copy of it here. Once you have ensured that you have MS Visio the next step would be to download 3D Visioner here. Note: Please make sure to download the 32 bit version or 64 bit version based on the version of MS Visio program. The installation is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Once it’s installed it will automatically appear in Visio as one of the tabs on the ribbon menu:


STEP2 Let’s start by creating a sample house

  • Open a new Visio document:
  • Choose Template -> Maps and Floors plans -> Home plan.
  • Click Create.

I generally use metric units for drawings however you can also chose US units. You will now see 3D Visioner window alongside the drawing page. Every change that is made on the drawing page will be reflected in 3D Visioner.


Choose Wall, Shell and Structure from the Shapes stencil and select Space drag it onto blank page. This will be the floor. Convert the Space into the room by rightclicking and selecting Convert to walls (choose Retain in appeared window):


You will see the changes appearing in 3D Visioner window automatically.


Let’s add a few more walls from the Shape stencil. Don’t be confined to usual shapes, use your imagination. Following is the plan that I made.


You can change the color of of the wall and/or floor by right clicking and selecting Format -> Fill


I chose blue and yellow for my walls and for the floor I went with blue.

Next we will add doors and windows from the Shape stencil. There are a lot of options here for you to pick. You can choose the usual door, double door, revolving, pocket, sliding glass and many others. The same goes with windows. You have garden window, glider window, casement, etc. Please note that you can also change the color of doors and windows as per your choice.


You can easily change the width, height and other properties of windows by right clicking the window and clicking Properties.


Following is completed drawing of my sample house and the resultant 3D model that 3D Visioner created.


There is also an option to add more floors to the building. You can do it easily by choosing any item on the drawing page, hitting Ctrl+C combination on your keyboard, and creating a new page, then hitting Ctrl+V. Now our house has a second floor. You can see it in full screen by turning off  Show Page in 3D Visioner menu and selecting None space between pages.


Here is result – completed two-floors building:


STEP3 Now that we have our model house ready let’s add some objects to pimp up the interiors.

Select Shape->Appliances or Bath and Kitchen etc and start adding home appliances and furniture to the house.

Within a few minutes the house is fully furnished.


It’s also easy to make and visualize a computer network in your house or office. We will use our second floor to make a little home office. Choose Cubicles in Shape stencil, and then two or three different computer work places and arrange them in the rooms:


Connect all computers pressing Shift+Ctrl and choosing them in 3D Visioner window. Now all of them are connected in the network.


House of your dream fully furnished with computer network is now ready.

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