3D Visioner Downloads

Please download the installation file of the version you need.
After installation the product can be activated with your purchased license key or it will run in 14-day trial mode.

If you need the older “pre-R2” 2017 version with the old light system, use this link:
3D Visioner 2017 (v.2017.7.5)

If you own an earlier version of 3D Visioner, please use version archive


Wise 3D Viewer

Wise 3D Viewer is a standalone application for viewing 3D scenes created with 3D Visioner. It includes all of the viewing functionality of 3D Visioner without editing and saving capabilities and does not require Visio. You can save the 3D scene of your project from 3D Visioner as Wise Dimensions 3D file and send it to others. To view it, point them to download free Wise 3D Viewer from links below.

If you need the older “pre-R2” release:
Download Wise 3D Viewer (v.2017.3.26)


Microsoft .NET installation note: if required version of .NET Framework is not detected, the installer will deploy it.
This may require OS reboot and there will be a message in installer panel – please reboot your PC and re-start the installer.


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