Meet the new Visioner – we’ve improved for you!

New supported shapes — we introduce more 3D models for popular shapes:
• Garden Accessories – pavement stones and surfaces, fences
• Planting – different trees, bushes and plants
• Site Accessories – benches, beach chairs, lamps, bollards and more
• Vehicles – passenger cars, vans, cargo trucks – from a tram to a fire engine

Custom models and OBJ format support
To arrange a 3D scene with the specific shapes and models you can utilize external 3D models from pubic sources. Now thanks to widely supported OBJ format you can associate selected shapes via Model Manager dialog with plenty of available 3D models from on-line catalogs such as Rotation along both X and Z axes now supported for guaranteed correct model orientation.

First Person navigation mode
You can switch to alternative navigation mode and walk inside 3D scene. 

Camera FlyView
A feature of special FlyView edition of 3D Visioner allows creating a video footage from a camera flying through 3D scene. Arrange waypoints, fine-tune camera angles and run the sequence, directing your own movie of your own 3D scene.

Simplified version line
3D Visioner supports features of all previous versions, combining it in a single package. Any license of Visioner allows commercial or hobby use. There is just one more premium edition – 3D Visioner FlyView, adding camera flying waypoints feature. In addition to the usual version there is cost-efficient 1 year subscription available.

Our customers

3D Visioner is being used by a lot of international companies, such as:

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