3D Visioner 2017 – major step forward!

Export 3D scene as OBJ file
Save your 3D Scene in OBJ format for viewing and editing in any modern 3D Editor. Learn more…

Shape Manager with flexible angles and offsets
Visually improved custom 3D models import with flexible control of rotations and offsets. Learn more…

New Shape properties dialog “3D Height and Tilt”
Put objects at various heights and angles in 3D scene, creating sloped roofs, twists and rolls. Learn more…

Dynamic Masters
Complex Master Shapes with deeper associations of “shape inside shape” type. Dynamic Master shape can contain other shapes as its parts. Learn more…

Mumber of smaller productivity enhancements
* Custom scene lights: 3 fixed presets (Default, Warm, Cold) and 2 custom scene light tones
* Hiding pages from 3D scene
* More natural mouse control of 3D scene
* Support for multiple user accounts on the same PC

3D Visioner as a cloud service
Bringing 3D Visioner without download or install on any platform, from any device via AppOnFly platform. Learn more…

3D Web View
[TBD] Publish your 3D scenes for viewing by anyone, from anywhere to the cloud on the web. Learn more…

Our customers

3D Visioner is being used by a lot of international companies, such as:

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