Open your mind, and your APIs

Open your mind, and your APIs

In September 2015 Sampo Software participated in Mindtrek Openmind, which is an international conference about the future of open source, open data & open content. In this awesome three-day forum at Tampere we launched our latest product called Apinf.

Apinf is open and free API Management platform, which our team has been developing since the beginning of this year with 100% open process model & open source principles. Apinf offers a comprehensive tool for managing APIs. Built on API Umbrella, it provides enhanced user interface features for API managers and developers alike.

For developers Apinf provides simple key management, key usage analytics and API discovery along with API documentation. Managers have simplified workflow for common tasks, such as key management, rate limiting and viewing API usage analytics.


Here you can find the material we used at launch:

In addition to launching Apinf at Mindtrek we also had an opportunity to organize an open workshop about Apinf community, where all the attendees of conference were invited. The main topics under discussion were about involving, participating and crowdsourcing. Sharing & contributing knowhow, expertise, questions, comments and opinions is crucial for any community. We also wish to get both API users and owners onboard and enable to develop further the process and development of APInf according to community’s wishes and suggestions. Anyone interested in APIs can join the APInf community portal at

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Find more about Apinf:

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