Its all about light

Sampo VISION 2014Today Vision Stuttgart 2014 opened at 0900hrs with the announcement and there were visitors queued up for visiting booths loaded with new innovations and devices in the area of machine vision. We tried making our booth in Hall 1 stand J67-J69 as informative as possible with the banner and a demo. We were a bit unhappy initially as our stand was looking bit dull and dim. Then our neighbor came to us and requested to switch on the lights. We switched on the lights, then he continued, “In machine vision area, it is 60% about light, 30% about software and 10% about camera and lenses. I started thinking about his statement and it is in fact “All about light”. Its all about capturing the light reflected from the subject of interest and running it through the lenses, then running it through algorithms to extract, measure and interpret. Sometimes we tumble upon this thoughtful statements which really makes us think and see the things in simple way.

There were a lot of visitors today visiting our booth and our SignSense based solutions have received a huge interest and questions. Lot of visitors were surprised that we are able to get 0.02mm accuracy using off the shelf consumer grade cameras and also we can get 3D gesture playback with our Gesture Studio. We didn’t have much time to explore other booths today but we will visit them tomorrow. We noticed the numbers like 70 Mega Pixels and 1000 fps with 9 mega pixels.

So more to come tomorrow and I close with the quote from Physics Noble Laureate Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, “Look at the resplendent colors on the soap bubbles! Why is the sea blue? What makes diamond glitter? What makes Hubli So Special? Ask the right questions, and nature will open the doors to her secrets”

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