In search of Holy Grail

Today at the 2nd day at Vision Stuttgart 2014 it has busier than 1st day. There were almost 2 times as visitors than yesterday. We also got visitors from German standards authority, who requested us to put “Prototype only and not for sale” on our prototype. After their visit we ensured that we stick as many “Prototype, Not for sale” stickers as possible on our prototype and went to visit other booths in search of our Holy Grail “accuracy of 0.01mm in 2×2 meters large field of view”.

At first we visited Fairchild Imaging booth to see the demo of their new HWK1910A sensor which can take images in pitch darkness and wide dynamic range activities. Then we went to visit Odos imaging to see the demo of their Time of Flight cameras. Then we went to visit our partners EVT. With EVT we discussed about how to achieve 0.01mm of accuracy in 2×2 meters large field of view. There are some solutions proposed by EVT, which needs to evaluated.

Then we saw a demo of 9MP camera with 1000 fps and 24MP camera with 100 fps. We also saw the demo of surface scanning using laser triangulation and light projection based cameras. These come with a very big price tag. Combination of lasers and camera based demos are from food processing, automotive and electronic industries. Also there were lot of robotic hands moving camera around the subject of measurement. There were some cows and pigs also as subject, only models of course.

All and all we classified the companies exhibiting in the show as 7 different categories

  1. Sensor/camera manufacturers or distributors
  2. Lens manufacturers or distributors
  3. Lighting vendors (Lighting is a very big business in industrial machine vision)
  4. Cable vendors like USB, GiGE and even Optical
  5. Software vendors
  6. System integrators (we found only one)
  7. Rig providers (Manufacturers of rigs where cameras can be mounted)

After the whole day we concluded that there is no one stop shop solution creating end to end solution in the area of industrial machine vision. Well we have another one day more to explore and find our Holy Grail, which is 0.01mm accuracy in 2×2 meters large field of view.

I recollect the statement by Noble Laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar that, “What a scientist tries to do essentially is to select a certain domain, a certain aspect, or a certain detail, and see if that takes its appropriate place in a general scheme which has form and coherence; and, if not, to seek further information which would help him to do that”. So we will seek further information tomorrow.

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