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Sampo Software designs and develops the newest 3D modelling and gesture recognition solutions, which are both simple to use and easy to customize. 3D Visioner is a modelling tool plug-in for Microsoft Visio – based on Sampo’s own WiseDimensions technology – with three versions allowing you to design room interiors, buildings and work-spaces, as well as complex diagrams, networks and structures. It has never been easier to make your 2D Visio sketches come to life.

Sampo Software has created and delivered customer projects in the areas of telemetry, automation, machine vision and measurements.

Our research and development has produced Gesture Studio – a gesture recognition plug-in for Kinect application developers.  Based on Sampo Software’s Signsense technology – and is perfect for game and infotainment app developers. SignSense technology-based solutions can identify and measure complex objects with up to 0.01 mm precision using simple optical systems.

Custom solutions and easy to use downloads make Sampo Software the go-to team for all your 3d modelling, as well as object and gesture recognition and measurement needs. Sampo are also the Scandinavia area distributors for Eye Vision Technology. EVT are a world-leader specialist company offering image processing solutions for wide range of applications such as machine vision, industrial control and automation.

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