Fireball Island Board Game Review

The board game Fireball Island, developed by Wild Power Game, looks like a normal sticker-size on the shelf of a store-it has cubes that are slightly different in color from the main ones. But then there are 4 miniatures on each square and it looks even. The game looks interesting, but not something crazy like this. The game looks like a mixture of Super Mario Bros. online casino game and Pokemon. However, it is worth noting that the authors did not forget to take into account the "Pokemon" logo, which looks just wonderful. Everything is done very well and with very high quality. The authors also make use of 3 miniatures - Bob the Cheat, Fat Bob the Dragon and the main character. But there are minor imperfections in the final product, but these are not so bad in comparison with some games of this series.The game is scheduled for a February release, but the authors are already working hard on getting it into stores.You can find all the games of the series so far on their website.__________________________________________________________________________________________You can find all the latest updates to this and other articles on my blogCome and see us so that you don't miss something interesting