5-Minute Review: Star Wars - including the casino scene

Dear readers, We decided to try it out. We decided to try out the "5-Minute Review" format. Every Friday, we will feature a short review of a new computer game,casino games, events, or movie. This time, we decided to do it in the setting of computer games. And we think the genre of the review is appropriate, because the games reviewed are those that most closely resemble the storyline of the movie, television series, or video game. We encourage you to watch the whole series including the casino scene, but we will not repeat ourselves, and you can choose only for yourself what to watch. We will also not repeat the same thing to the exclusion of any details about the game. We thank you for that, we are interested in see how the new "5-Minute Review" will turn out.Before we get started, there are two things we want to say. The first is that we are not responsible if you do not pay attention to the game you are about to review. In this case, it is unlikely that you will get a completely fair review, but you will get a subjective one. And second is that we are not responsible if you do not pay attention to the game you are about to review. If you see any errors in the text, do not forget to read the review and pay attention to the details, which may still change.We decided to start with the rating, which you can read here. The authors of the game ask for your opinion only, and do not they give it is based on the review of the game. We ask you to pay attention to both the author's intentions and the text of the review, which may be somewhat different from yours. We decided to leave the genre of games and move on to more traditional topics, but it is not suitable for beginners, if you are not the slightest bit interested in such things. We will gradually build a little structure to this review, but you will still have time to figure out which game is for you and your tastes.We decided to divide the review into three parts, each of which will be about a different game. We will start with the gameplay, which we will review in its purest form. Then there will be a review of the design, sound and graphics, and finally a review of the gameplay and some additional elements. The first part will be dedicated to the review of the game, and the last to the gameplay. We ask you to keep us posted and help us decide which game to watch the most.Part 1 (Story):The gameplay in this game is really not bad, it consists of several hidden compartments of the Empire, each of which contains its own security, and what is left of the outer shell is coated in a red color, which suggests the presence of a whole gang of heavily armed guys. It is worth noting that despite